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Friday, 3 August 2018

Some Suggestions for Improving The System of Goals Calculation in Football

Some Suggestions for Improving The System of Goals Calculation in Football

Some Suggestions for Improving The System Of Goals Calculation in Football
Introduction and Problem
If we want to change and influence the human behavior it can come through the influence on their value  construction system..  Also, if we want to change and improve in the game of football, such change and improvement must be a fundamental change in the method of calculating the goals in the game because it is the essence of the game. 
We all know that  football is goals, and goals in accordance with Article 10 of the International Law of the Football, determine the winning team, The main objective of the current change is to increase the effectiveness of the game in its different aspects, uptake encouragement and excitement to the spectators, improve  the game marketing, and fair play, as evidenced by the changes that have occurred in basketball and volleyball, whereby when there was a change in the three-point shot calculation that made a raise of the last seconds of the match  in case the points are close to each other. Another example of change is what happened in the method of calculating the points in volleyball which decreased the time of the match  , improved the television broadcasting and marketing  of the game and increased the excitement in the game.
Accordingly, and due to my academic experience the problem lies in the following:
  1. Is there a need to change the method of calculating goals in football?
  2. What are the suggestions to improve the calculation of goals in football? And what are the implementation priorities? What is the impact of each suggestion in the development of the game?
  3. What are the goals  expected to be achieved in case of the adoption of any suggestions in the system of calculating the goals in football?
  4. What are the cases of excitement and interest resulting from the present suggestions?
In light of the above, the process of calculating goals must be developed, and therefore, I recommend taking the suggestions after careful study and discussion and  trying them  according to the following:
Calculating any goal scored by foot into the (18) yards, or penalty, remains  as it is –goal-.As for the suggestions, they are as follows:
First suggestion:
Any goal which is scored from outside the 18 –yards in the right way is scored with two goals.
In case of implementing this suggestion the improvement will be in:
  1. Coaches’ will pay attention to develop the players’legs muscular power , and thus there will be development in improving  of the training programs related to this, in addition to good implementation of  physiological scientific research in the area, and an increase is expected  in training on scoring from outside the area of ​​the (18) yards and from different points.
  2. Coaches’ modifications in the defensive and offensive plans will therefore improve the tactical area and methods of tactical thinking for both the coaches and players either individually or collectively.
Second suggestion:
 Calculating any goal in the head in the right way, regardless of its place with two goals.
Because football performance has been associated historically with feet and depends on them greatly, and the difficulty associated with the performance of the upper part of the body and in particular head scoring due to anthropometric, anatomical, and biomechanical reasons among players, and the difficulty of controlling  the use of head compared with legs I recommend to implement the suggestion . In case the suggestion is implemented, improvement is done in what follows:
  1. Improving scoring in the head of the majority of the teams, and thus increasing  the effectiveness of the employment of the upper limb of the body and not limiting  focusing  in training programs on the lower ends , thereby taking into account the balance , maintaining  the healthy side of the players, and  reducing skeleton distortions of the  players.
  2. Improving the ability of players’ vertical jump.
  3. Improving the skills that require cutting and aviation among goalkeepers, and increasing  concern for  the measurements that are  taken into consideration when selecting goalkeepers.

  1. Increasing excitement, attention and enthusiasm among the spectators to the last minute of the game because any moment could alter the result of the match;  for example, a  team advances another team by one   goal from inside the line ( 18) yards by foot, and at the last minute the other team has registered a goal through head  and calculated two goals see:

Third suggestion:
Calculating the  penalty with two goals in exceptional cases.
In the case of committing any of the adopted violations and which needs a penalty, and when implemented it should be calculated with two goals in the following two cases:
  • In the case of increasing violations of the team in the game (5) and more violations.
  • If the offending player gets a previous warning  (yellow card) and commits  another violation that leads to his expulsion, and be the cause for the obtaining the  opposing team the penalty.
I recommend the suggestion, and in case the suggestion is implemented, improvement is done in what follows:
  1. Fair play and few mistakes inside the 18 –yards area.
  2. Lack of occurrence of sports injuries caused by foul play.
  3. Improving defensive skills for defenders and reducing the proportion of errors
  4. Reducing  the anxiety of  sports injuries among the attackers and thus increasing  the effectiveness of scoring from inside the area (18) yards.
Expected Objectives In Case  in Case of Implementing  The  Suggestions:
  1. Improving the physical, technical, tactical, and psychological levels of the performance  of the players and maintaining a good level of performance throughout the game.
  2. Improvement  and development in the training level of the coaches and attention to the preparation of training programs for the development of various aspects of the players.
  3. Improving the promotion of scientific research in the football in developing  the aspects related to modification  and the subsequent preparation of scientific research re the development of related scientific research in the field.
  4. Improving the performance , physical fitness and movements of referees.
  5. Iincreasing the efficiency, excitement and demand to attend and watch the games by the spectators and TV viewers, thus improving sports marketing in football.
  6. The majority of the games will end on time (90 minutes), and reducing  the resort to extend time. Also, increasing the effectiveness of television broadcasting, and the popularity of attending and watching the games, thereby increasing the effectiveness of sports marketing.
  7. Reducing  the defensive play and the accumulation of players in the area (18) yards, and improving the defensive skills for defenders, and offensive skills of the attackers.
  8. Minimizing  sports injuries, and the anxiety of the players and maintaining the safety of the players (fair play).
<>9-Minimizing the negative play of the two teams as much as possible in the last minute of the game, because any moment could alter the result of the match.
  • Teams are keen   to minimize the corner kicks as much as .
  • There remains hope for a draw or win in the case one of the two teams advances by a  big difference, for example in the case of the advance  by one team  with the team's score (4 - zero), in the  first -half, according to what is  currently employed in the system of calculating  the goals , other team concedes defeat, and his morale is extinguished has morale, while in the case of taking any of the proposals the performance will continue to the end of the match in a good way.

Models for some of the cases of excitement and interest resulting from the application of the suggestions or any of them:
The following are some examples and cases  which can  improve all aspects of the game. Those  concerned including  players, coaches, administrators, the spectators, and the media people  remain  in  excitement , anxiety , tension and concern from  the beginning of the match until its end. These  increase the suspense and the effectiveness of the game. Among these examples and cases:
* Team (A)advances on team by (one goal), team   (A)stays  with its players , coaches , administrators and the spectators till  the last minute of the game in a state of anxiety and fear of:
*Achieving a  goal from the penalty spot by foot from inside the 18 -yard and achieving  the goal of parity as usual, and the extension of the game.
* Team (B) achieves a goal which   is calculated from two goals either free- kick straight out of the (18) yards, or targeting  during play or from a corner, or scoring the head, regardless of the place, or a penalty calculated by two goals.
  • In case of a draw between the two teams in the final moments of the game.
* In the case a team advances two goals in the final moments of the game and gets a tie  in goals.
-In case a team achieves  the goal it is counted two goals from the beginning of the game.
- In case a team advances in two goals it is counted four goals in the first half of the match.
These are examples of cases and every case has its requirements and the players should  be prepared in the light of each  case,  and change  should be made in the  tactic related to  the game.
Change in the system of  calculating the goals in football is essential and basic for its development. It is necessary to benefit from the results of the changes which have occurred in basketball and volleyball. Modification  should be done according to the scientific research methodology. Accordingly, I recommend the discussion of the suggestions, and adding any modifications  to improve them and to try them in order to attain the best suggestions. For example, and not exclusively, as for the First Suggestion, , instead of  the (18 yards, there could be agreement on specifying the  targeting area  by two goals as what happened in the basketball in specifying the three points. The  required diameter should be specified in a way which suits the majority of the measurements of the width of the playgrounds as in Figure number (1) (25) yards for example.

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