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Saturday, 20 April 2019

Preventive methods of sports intolerance

Preventive methods of sports intolerance

 The important role of preventive methods in order to limit the spread of any phenomenon that threatens the social structure, both at the level of the individual and the groups. Therefore, the competent authorities seek to find appropriate mechanisms for the use of preventive methods in order to raise awareness of the dangers of any phenomenon. The need to take into account the problems facing the sports masses, and when given the aspects of prevention is important; it contributes to the activation of preventive education methods that identify the dangers resulting fro
‏Hooliganism. From this point of view, many aspects that have an increasing role can be mentioned
‏Side of prevention in order not to spread this problem
‏Media: Media plays a large and influential role in tackling sports intolerance and reducing tropics. The competing sporting masses are: • To spread awareness among the public about the danger that sports intolerance can cause
‏To the individual and the community • Encourage positive models by meeting them through the media;
‏Whether club presidents, administrators, or players, especially among the public clubs, and show the spirit of rapprochement between them off the field.

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