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Wednesday, 21 August 2019

physiotherapy in the healing of sports Injuries

physiotherapy in the healing of sports Injuries

hysical therapy has multi-purpose roles in the treatment of injuries in the stadiums include prevention of complications and treatment of injuries and also increase the player's capabilities and mobility of the engine and its role in prevention include prevention of many manifestations and symptoms, for example:
- Prevent muscle weakness and atrophy.
- Prevent distortion.
- Prevent joints spasm.
- Prevention and restriction of soft tissue adhesions.
- Prevent many complications that may accompany the injury.
When injury occurs in one part of the player's body, physiotherapy in different ways plays an important and decisive role in maintaining the fitness of the rest of the body and vital organs and preventing complications in the case of a constant presence of a mattress for a long time.
In addition to the above natural physiotherapy role in accelerating the recovery of injury and the player quickly return to exercise, which has a medical return in the absence of the player for his technical skills. In the treatment stage of injuries in stadiums, physiotherapy means:
1. Remove pain / using heat, cold, hydrotherapy and electrical applications
Muscle relaxation and flexibility exercises.
2 - Increase flexibility of hardness joints / using negative exercises and positive movement
Stretching exercises and physiotherapy equipment.
3 - reduce the presence of joints abnormal movement / strengthen the muscles working on the joint
Injury and accelerate the healing of infected ligaments.
4 - Treatment of weakness and weakness of muscles / application of gradual therapeutic exercises and use
Electric appliances and cars aids in it.
5 - treatment of distortions / application of appropriate therapeutic exercises and the use of electrical devices to promote
Weak muscles, short muscles, elasticity and elasticity.
6 - Correct the wrong walking method / application of walking steps and then teach the basics of walking
Use the necessary hardware.
The role of physiotherapy in increasing the abilities of the player uses appropriate and modern physiotherapy techniques to re-teach the player to perform muscular effort, thus facilitating communication of the muscular nervous system, which increases the efficiency of control of the nervous system in the work of fine muscles.
The role of physiotherapy in sports has become increasingly important after researchers in this area have confirmed the decisive influence of means in diapers on the safety of the player and the prevention or recurrence of the injury as well as its impact on the rapid recovery of injuries from different stadiums.
The use of multiple applications of physical therapy means to increase the vitality of infected tissues and use their potential to accelerate recovery.
Other physical treatments for non-athletes include:
Treatment and rehabilitation of patients with cerebral palsy from stroke.
2. Treatment and rehabilitation of poliomyelitis.
3 - Treatment of glaucoma slip.
4 - treatment of sciatic nerve (sciatica).
5 - treatment and rehabilitation of jerky injured in the seventh nerve (anal).
6. Treatment of joint stiffness.
7. Special treatments after surgical intervention
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