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Tuesday, 4 December 2018

Cortisol and sports activity

Cortisol and sports activity

Cortisol is Corticoid Glucocorticoids hormone produced by the adrenal cortex, usually referred to as the hormone of the hormone (tension), because it is linked to the process of addressing stress and anxiety. The lead cortisol hormone to increase blood pressure and blood sugar, and reduces immune response operations, subject cortisol levels in the blood to the day and night variations, Faisal cortisol to its highest level in the blood early in the morning, and to its lowest level at around midnight, or after three to five hours
of sleep onset. And a rate of secretion in the body the morning of 5-25 micrograms / 100 ml of blood, and decreases in the evening to up to 2.12 micrograms / 100 ml of blood, the hormone cortisol and is president of the human and the human glands secrete about 10-30 mg during the day. When building it releases cortisol into the blood and travels to the tissues accompanied Clopeulen protein that is made in the liver. Under the performance of physical effort helps cortisol on the speed of the metabolic processes effect, especially with regard to carbohydrates as the hormone works to accelerate the transfer of liver Glycogen  to glucose operations and so the blood glucose Hypertension in the Blood , also cortisol effects help to the process of converting Secretary acids to glucose in liver, and the effects of cortisol contributes in helping to increase the sugar glucose, which leads to ensure the supply of the brain and nerve tissue glucose when performing physical efforts that last a long time, which reduces the effect of physical effort on the central fatigue of the nervous system, and the state of tension and emotion and fatigue suffered by the players when performing efforts strenuous physical.
As the cortisol hormone is one of the main hormones that affect glucose is involved in the metabolic processes of glucose and carbohydrates and protein deficiency leads to impaired metabolism of carbohydrates, which illustrates the importance of the hormone during sports activity as glucagon hormone and other hormones supports the re-glucose formation process and oxidized. Reflected the greatness of God in the world of endocrine (hormones), The Gland of  pancreas secrete order of the brain material and spin makes the food alkaline, turning sugar stored in the liver and muscles to combustible sugar and produces insulin to be sugar and burn consumption, the adrenal gland, they secrete cortisol, which urges heart to double strikes and lungs to increase its work and urges the liver to excrete sugar and blood vessels on the restrictions for the delivery of blood to the muscles, and in the sports activity secretions of the hormone cortisol on the dramatic intensity and duration of permanence and maximum oxygen consumption and the need for the body to him and the type of food depends, The Responses  rapid be more sensitive to the intensity exercise, while the latter responses depends on the time period of exercise as well as the cortisol response to physical exertion, which is equivalent to 50 to 70% of maximum oxygen consumption Vo2 max. And that the cortisol level in the blood varies from time to time as a result of its response to the process of the Metabolism  perform exercises endurance, while the voltage maximum or near  the maximum and oxygen deficit (lactic) and to increase the maximum oxygen consumption, resulting in a stimulating hormone cortisol and these responses take place during the first few minutes of the beginning of the Physical  effort increases the concentration of the hormone ratio to increase the speed of metabolism, particularly with regard to carbohydrates as work on accelerating the transformation of the liver Glycogen  operations and so the blood glucose for energy. It studies confirm the high cortisol concentration with vigorous physical exertion and that this increase is directly proportional to the maximum consumption of oxygen and the amount of (73%)+ .
Any sense that all energy hormones (Katicolamin, and glucagon, and cortisol and others) responds after high physical effort (can motivate sexy result) therefore called on those hormones pressure (opposing), depending on the functional state of health of the athlete, and thus can coach evaluate the effectiveness of training curriculum by measuring the ratio of the concentration of the hormone at rest as increased cortisol concentrations at rest a sign of overtraining signs.

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