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Monday, 20 November 2017

Biorhythm and Sciences of Physical Education and Sport

Biorhythm and Sciences of Physical Education and Sport

WadieYassin AL- Tikrity
Prof. Post Doctorate

First Section
The Concept of Biorhythm

Biorhythm, as a term, consists of two Greek words, Bio meaning life and Rhythm meaning periodic regular repetitions. It is the science that studies the biological cycles of the nature of all living organisms. Scientists proved that humans acclimate to daily, weekly, monthly, annual and multiyear biorhythm effects of natural factors. Biorhythm means the systematic biological changes of short and long terms which increase or decrease the physical, mental, emotional, intuitive, aesthetic, sensuous, spiritual, mastery and wisdom activities in human. These changes are connected to the internal (Inherited) and the external (physical) environment. About (100) responses of the physiological function of human body organs are going to be changed. Biorhythm is not only limited to the changes in efficiency level of body organs throughout a whole day but it will be extended to include short or long periods. Biorhythm includes all biological, psychological and social constituents of human.
The Start Biorhythm:
 Scientists’ points of views differ about the starting of Biorhythm cycles . Some believe that biorhythm cycles start early at the first day of pregnancy  and continue for three months to complete the annual cycle. While other scientists determine the birthday as the start of biorhythm cycles of a child. Therefore the future of bio-rhythms of the child depends on those tunes that are formed during his time in the womb of the mother, and after 24 weeks the child must be able to distinguish the voice of his mother, father and other sounds.
Characteristics of Biorhythm:
Biorhythm period almost equals the period of Earth's rotation about its axis. All bodies of living organisms have the daily cycle of biorhythm and genetic characteristics. Levels of Biorhythm are different for multi cell organisms bodies (so as to be at the level of the cell, the organ and body as a whole) . Periods of biorhythm might be changed in the case of changing external factors. The rhythm of the body cells , organs and systems is connected in nervous centers of the brain. Sleep-awake rhythm is regarded as the main rhythm which represents the key for all other different rhythms of the human body.

 (Primary Biorhythm Cycles)
Name of cycle
     Relation with variances

Physical strength, synergy,
disease and pain resistance 

Innovation of mental stability, emotional
 mood, emotional sensitivity

Ability to learn, analytical  thinking, call
 memory and quick decision making,
 higher mental processes

Physical cycle :
Duration (23 days)
Physical cycle known as every phenomenon related to the physical condition of the individual from different kinetic energy and skills, as well as physical elements and is Also can an individual's full power, this set includes the physical strength, stamina, power and resistance to disease. During the first semester of the course, (11.5) days, the cycle resembles a battery working to give energy. And all the systems are in their maximum situation, better coordination and greater resistance to disease.  Generally better physical conditions marked the first half of the cycle, and the individual is willing to work hard for longer periods. During the second half, i.e. second (11.5)days this cycle sounds like the battery in the charging condition, the individual feels, in most cases, declining in vitality. Athletes, for example, are susceptible to low level at this time, most of the time they don't have the same level of effectiveness as they are in the first half, which represents positive days in cycle.
 Individuals who are in good conditions should expect problems during their negative days but will simply exposed to a decline in physical possibilities and it helps to see the half cycle, which recharge physical cycle, as negative idea in contrast to the first half of the cycle as very active. The attention and care during the period of negative physical cycle must not be in most cases effective factors for the individual. And if the individual is in very good conditions, there will be no problems in general but only during the critical days of the cycle, the time when the change in the dynamic rhythm from negative to positive and vice versa, this sudden change in physical rhythm is not constant and unexpected.
The Emotional  Cycle:
Duration (28 days)
This cycle is concerned with the emotional and mental condition, as well as affects the mood and the sense of feeling and creativity. In the first 14 days are the days where individual cycle predisposed to cheerful and optimistic like creativity, love and cooperation and sensations, all things related to the nervous coordination. There is control and it's time for harmony with ourselves and with others. While the second 14 days are compensatory period, it is a recharge period, just like a battery. In this period, anxiety and agitation prevails. These days are not suitable for cooperation and group working formation. Industrial and transport accidents occur in negative emotional period.  The emotional rhythm is a rhythm full of strength, and is many times that could have an impact on the physical and mental components of the individual, in mental sports one can remain apparently in a high level despite lower physical level if he is in a high emotional condition. The emotional cycle critical days are those days which need careful, and it can expose us to self abuse or violent or bad temper conditions that seem to be completely stable in an unreasonable  manner for others .
It is easy to control the emotional rhythm cycles and its critical days compared to the physical and the intellectual rhythm cycles.

The Intellectual Cycle:
Duration 33 days
This cycle affects the intelligence, the memory, brain awareness, logic strength, response speed and ambition. It is divided into a positive phase (16.5) day and a negative phase of the same duration.  In positive phase, individuals will have more open minds and memories having the capacity to retain information, quicker adaptation and comprehension. This is the best time for studying and creative thinking to comprehend new topics. These (16.5 days) are seen as the best times for artists, thinkers and writers. The second half of the intellectual cycle has less thinking capacity and difficulty in concentration, most individuals find it a difficult time to learn new things. Most researchers finds that there is a temptation to deal with absolute mind during this period to recharge the brain cells and these days the downside could probably use as best he could, if spent on repeat the exercise on things previously learned.

 (Secondary Biorhythm Cycles)
Name of cycle
Relation with variances
Instinct uninformed perception
Artistic and poetic
Translate the whole document.
Relationships with others '
feelings and the feelings of beliefs

The Intuitional Cycle:
Duration 38 days
The Intuitional Cycle had been added by Cassie to the previous three cycles. It affects motivation, instincts, perception and subconscious or unconscious.                                                         
  This cycle controls what is realized beyond the mystical sensibility, the talent and the sixth sense, intuition, there are seers and healers who have conversational , psychological and mental control. Carl Jung , who is one of the best teachers and psychiatrists, described the four functions as: sensation, thinking, feeling and intuition .
These four functions are related to the four biorhythmic cycles: physical, mental, emotional and intuitional. All together are used to organize the physical, emotional and mental capability to live happily.

The  Aesthetic cycle:
Duration (43 days)
This cycle is responsible for the artistic and poetic pleasure.

Awareness cycle :
Duration (48 days)
This cycle is responsible for everything related to the efficiency and perception of the senses.
  Spiritual Cycle:
Duration(53 days)
 This cycle is responsible for relationships with others feelings of beliefs.

 (Complex Biorhythm cycles)
                     Name of cycle
                     Relation with variances
   Complex  cycle of:
 the mental cycle  + physical   cycle
Complex cycle of:
 emotional  cycle +  mental cycle
Complex cycle of:
 emotional  cycle  +  physical  cycle     

Mastery cycle:
 Two complex cycles (Physical + Intellectual)     
wisdom cycle:
Two complex cycles (Emotional cycle + Intellectual cycle)
Passion cycle :
Two  complex cycles  ( Emotional cycle + Physical cycle)  

Time cycles:
 Multi Years Cycle: Appearance of transmutations during different years.
 Annual Cycle: linked to the Earth's rotation of one cycle around the Sun.
 Monthly cycle: linked to the Moon’s rotation of one cycle around the Earth.
  Weekly cycle: a quarter of the lunar cycle or a quarter of the lunar month
( Nothing to explain it ).
Daily cycle: linked to the Earth's rotation around its axis one cycle per day.

Bio-rhythms cycles rules:
 There are fixed rules that emphasize the nature and theory of periodic vital      rhythms:
Yearly Biorhythm: linked to the rotation of the Earth’s one cycle around the Sun. 
 MonthlyBiorhythm: Linked to the Moon's one cycle around the Earth.  
Weekly Biorhythm:Weekly Biorhythm is a ¼ cycle of the Moon around the Earth   Or 1/4 the lunar month.
Daily Biorhythm: linked to the Earth's rotation around its axis one cycle every day.

Multi-year Biorhythm:
 There are many biological phenomena in life appear every few years.  The growth rate in children is getting from the age of 10 years rhythmically clear each (3) years and two (2) all blocks, it turns out that rhymes with "form takes the disease every three years, four, seven and thirteen years. Bio-rhythms show for several years in some epidemics every few years such as cholera and influenza mutants sports scores to higher levels every three years for males and two females (2) show various years mutations that change the growth amounts to progress sports scores and possibilities for vital human immunodeficiency are manifestations of multi dynamic rhythms, but these tunes when people can be different regarding how swing and enumerate the obvious mutations that take into consideration the different growth stages of development Which will vary as the main stages Biorhythm as well as that with the approach of peak Summit,
These rules on the rhythms allow rules (dynamic) for multi dynamic rhythms, the tunes largely explained manifestations ripple multi results for athletes with high levels.
Yearly biorhythm:
Linked to the rotation of the Earth one cycle around the Sun. Human condition varies per year between rise and fall in the form of a dynamic rhythm big waves, affected human Biorhythm changing seasons, as the muscle to the arousal of adults and children in the spring and early summer and low in winter, clearly influenced by the seasons change metabolism, protein content increases General blood during the winter and less in summer and that children between 8-15 years have increased hormonal activity, reaching maximum activity in the summer.
 Unlike weekly cycle the PMS for vital rhythms associated with the natural rhythms of life, as the moon revolves around the Earth during one lunar month.  PMS are adult females of most biological manifestations linked to the menstrual cycle for vital rhythms. Theory of dynamic courses are closer to Biorhythm. Since this theory assumes that human life passes in three vital rhythmic cycles are repeated over the life since Christmas day.
Weekly biorhythms:
Nothing to interpret them. Human life has become associated with the weekly cycle and can be linked to human Biorhythm. Weekly cycle for (7) days as a kind of getting used to the digit (7) in the Quran and Sunnahsignificant connotations for the figure of virtue, honor and nobility.Ibn Abbas said, Prophet Mohammad (PBUH) said:  “whoever visited a patient and asked for 7 times Allah almighty saying {I’m asking Allah the Mighty, Lord of the Mighty Throne, to heal you, Allah will heal him from that disease.”

__ And Abu Hurayrah said, Prophet Mohammad (PBUH) said:{ Seven are going to be shaded under Allah’s shadow, on the day when will be no other shadow but his,  a guy raised in the worship of Allah almighty and  a young man, his heart deeply connected to mosques and two men loving each other for Allah, met and separated for Allah, a man called him a woman of charm  and beauty to practice a sin but he refused and  said: I fear Allah, and man believe in charity hidden doesn't even know what his right hand spends , and a man remembered Allah in solitude and burst into silent tears. 
__The number of the sons and daughters of Allah's Messenger Allah bless him were (seven) :(Qasim, Abdullah, Fatima, UM kulthum, Zaynab and Ruqayya)are from  Khadija while ( Ibrahim) is from MaryaAlqibtiyya.
The embryo in his mother's womb is completed in seven months…                     __The seven continents, seven wonders, the interpretation of IbnKathir of the seven planets ( mercury, Venus, earth, Mars, Quran, Jupiter, Saturn) and literature, Indus journey seven , sleeping beauty and the seven dwarfs, seven sins in the Bible.
And there are those who believe that "Biorhythm that exceeds the daily rhythm, which is called multi-Biorhythm days (and even monthly)" distributed his ripple from 24 hours until (2.5) a day and is called multi-day Biorhythm through dynamic human activity indicators such as heat and exchange of materials related to energy production and physiological systems activities. Many researchers in this field return Biorhythm weekly primarily socially, they explained to the weekly tunes near downloads not found in nature, but through thousands of years of human life with the weekly figure especially regarding work and rest, and therefore human timing and Sockets so reflected positively on human's internal systems.
Daily Biorhythm:
 Human physical efficiency varies throughout the day. It is usually elevated by 10:00 a.m. to 12 noon and from 4:00 until 6:00 p.m. , efficiency decreases at noon from 12 noon until 2:00 pm and also decreases in the evening.   This set does not apply to all individuals, not all people of one model but it is better to be more active during the first half of the day. That fact suggests a more active people in the morning and others opposite them are more active at night, so they can be classified into two types of patterns one day and one night. The link pattern Biorhythm is depending on the nature of the work performed by the individual since most owners of daytime pattern of workers while most nocturnal pattern of mental business owners.

Daily rhythm patterns:
Rhythm of the night ..
Diurnal rhythm.
Contrasting rhythm..
  Biorhythm and individual differences:
varies among individuals for daily Biorhythm, them be more active during the daytime, but at night be less active and go to bed early and wake up early, another group of individuals on the contrary, are characterized by increasing the dynamic activity at night, and are less active during daylight hours. There is also another group of individuals who are characterized by high irregular, being active during certain hours of the day and decrease their activity during other hours, there are several tests to determine the person's style, is it day or night-active lifestyle or activity varied during the day?
A-Night Mode:
 Individuals of this pattern are slower and weaker ones in response to the motivation, and characterized by calm nature.  The temperature of such individuals gradually rises  in case of illness, and their recovery takes a long time.
B-Day Mode:
They are always discovering new ideas, and love working using hard effort. Such individuals are able to resist illness and quick adaptation with external conditions. Their bodies temperature decreases quickly, respond quickly to all stimuli, and have high recovery and can maximize their productivity, they are more sensitive to weather changes, and more susceptible to diseases of the circulatory system and rheumatism. They can achieve higher productivity in the morning. 

C-The contrasting pattern:
 These individuals do not have very specific Biorhythm and they are characterized by increasing active waves throughout the day without being subjected to evening or morning rhythm.
Some scientists used birds to differentiate three styles of individuals:
A- The Bulbuli Morning Style
Individuals of this style arephysically, psychologically and mentally productive in the early hours of the morning. (At dawn)

B- The Pigeon Daily Style
Individuals of this style are productive during the whole hours of the day.

C- The Owl Night Style:
Individuals of this style are productive at night.

Second Section
Applications of Biorhythm Principles in Sport

Basic Principles to Regulate Sport Biorhythm:
Biorhythm is known to play an important role in influencing the efficiency of all body systems. To regulate biorhythm, a style of basic principles should be followed particularly sleep-wake rhythm, these basic principles can be summarized as follows:-
1-Fixed timing system activities per day:
This principle means that an athlete should be committed to specific energy timing for all daily activities like sleeping and wake up at specific times, as well as fixed dates for food, rest and training.
2. Not to change the system of work, rest, sleeping and waking up:
 Any change to the system of work, rest, sleeping and waking up will cause a Biorhythm disorder. If the athlete is used to sleep at a certain time and then try to go to bed early, in preparation for participation in the competition the next day, this will negatively leads to a different rhythm of sleeping and waking, and may lead to insomnia to the athlete. The same thing happens when training times delayed and changed.  All these changes directly affect the status of Biorhythm. Whenever the athlete is committed to fixed dates, sports specific training, rest, sleeping and waking times, a positive impact on the activity and vitality of sports takes place. And full benefit of the periods of the day will be achieved.
3. Not to change the usual pre_bedtime behavior:
 If the athlete used to some pre_bedtime habits, he should be adhered to. Some of these habits are, a little walk before bed, taking a warm bath before bedtime or early dinner before bed. Any changes in such habits or behaviors can affect the biorhythm of sleeping and waking up and infects athletic insomnia. It worths mentioning that the kinetic potential of people change between rise and fall over twenty-four hours.This change is linked to Biorhythm, note, for example, during the first hour of the day low efficiency of players, training plays an important role in temporary changes of efficiency since increasing the degree of efficiency of the training period and less than food. Sports training system change leads at first to some imbalance for a few days and then adapt to the new system for training after that. And it may require a period of up to three weeks, this period can be reduced to two weeks to increase pregnancy in terms of intensity and size. Mathematical efficiency changes from month to month, and from season to season it with a rhythm for a long time, applying it must take coach training dates and be proportionate during the day with the dates of establishment the same competitions.
Biorhythm and athletic training:
It takes years to set up a high level athlete, it occurs in natural conditions of the athlete environment as well as the particular circumstances of the environment that the athlete had adapted to. If the athlete had exposed to the different environmental conditions compared to those that he used to, he will be under different functional effects which are affected by climate change. Here individual differences among athletes will appear, even if their age and their scores are equal, each athlete has his own specific characteristics that distinguish him from other.  And that each athlete must have special training method by packing different no bra that corresponds to his individual potential and his biorhythm curves (emotional, physical, mental).
 Many scientists have conducted researches related to the study of sports figures and their relationships to the months of the year. In 1959 (Matveyev) directed the attention of specialists in athletics to the unequal status of athletes results for different months. It was clear that the level of mathematical outcomes in largely dependent on external natural factors. There should be a development in the sport training methods and load planning to promote the athlete level year after another.
When our knowledge of dynamic rhythm of the athlete, we can determine the amount of load intensity and rest periods which an athlete should be adhered to during training and we can approach a more precise definition of the possible outcomes that will fulfill it.  Knowledge of athletic sports life days by three curves and knowledge of how he is performing, whether the positive trend in high levels or in the negative direction when he is not able to access his real levels. It is unreasonable to regard the reason for failure to factors such as fatigue or stress or environmental changes. Because Biorhythm as a stable theory might be regarded as the most accurate interpretation of such cases and the experiences undergone by most athletes in a scientific manner capable to study.  That sport is one of the important areas of application of theories of biorhythm and that every coach and athlete should be aware and familiar with Biorhythm in order to be able to organize the daily life of an athlete, so that the dynamic rhythm of the highest level in time for the competition, and also change the daily training schedule to coincide with the timing of the competitions so the body biorhythm is used to these timings.
Organizing the daily Biorhythm of an athlete helps him sleep regularly and take out the required activity in time, and accustom the digestive system to work at certain times during eating, this organization achieves the best conditions for the athlete to develop his training status .
  A very clear example of the influence of Biorhythm in athletic competition is analyzing the boxing matches, after being defeated (Florid Patterson), the big heavyweight boxer, defeated his competitor  (Johnson) in New York on 20th. July 1960, on this day the physical, emotional rhythm of Johnson was at negative situation while Biorhythm of    ( Patterson) at the top of the positive situation, though critics and commentators thought that Johnson will win on Patterson, but Patterson won.   It could be a critical day for ultra and three tunes for boxers, it was American boxer ( Beny Bart)call (celebrity children) who defeated by knockout by competition (Emile Griffith) on 24 March 1962, and did not regain consciousness and died Bart built 10 days after the game, and its rhythms analysis found that critical day was emotional and physical side.
That the three be Biorhythm cycles with one physical cycle are of great importance in the training process, the athlete must know the properties of the cycle so be prepared to bring his achievement during competition.
  It is known that all competitions prior dates specified are specific periods and sets the place, day, hour competition beforehand this allows the trainer to take into account the special adjustment accounts Biorhythm and its conformity to the nature and competitions. On this basis, the coach should establish a program to Biorhythm of each athlete and organizes special training on as your Biorhythm each athlete to athlete and adjustment that ensures fast access to the highest level in a specific time period.

Physical capacity change during the day:
Each of power, speed and endurance is changing during daily periods, either up or down, because of the change in the central nervous system. The kinetic potential of people change between rise and fall over the 24 hours. This change is connected to Biorhythm, efficiency of players drops during the first hour of the day. Body temperature is in its maximum between (6-8)evening, and it will be in its minimum level between (1-5)in the morning.
Rhythmic changes of the circulatory and respiratory system:
Both circulatory and respiratory systems work with high efficiency during daylight hours. Regarding the size of breath per minute increases the daily rhythm of lungs ventilation to match the specific rhythm of oxygen consumption rate. Top rhythm for vital capacity, as well as higher air volume amounts of inhale and exhale takes place during the second half of the day. Volume, time of heart push/min. increases, also cardiac contractile force increases in the daylight.
The appropriate months of achievement:
 Months (5-6-9-10-11) are the most appropriate months of achievement .That's what researchers demonstrated by former East Germans on 1170  scores in athletics. The formerly Soviets researchers also proved the same thing on 1820 scores. The fifth and sixth month are parts of the middle 1/3 of the year. Other months are unjustified but it has been scientifically proven.   These months cannot be generalized worldwide because it is conducted in cold air conditions. The month of June is the best month of achievements in race competitions. Many research and studies are conducted on different events and world runners. It is found that best achievements happened in the middle third of the year. June was the month of the best achievements.
 Biorhythm is influenced by  seasons of the year and muscle excitement clearly increases in winter because of  the decrease of Sun effect regarding its produced gases. Muscle excitement increases in adults and children in spring and early summer.
Determinants of Biorhythm:
 Lighting:A very important factor that influence Biorhythm, all things associated to light and darkness affect Biorhythm because light is connected to work and effort, while darkness is connected to comfort, sleep as well as night leisure. 
Geography location: Barometric pressure, temperature, humidity, height above sea level.
Social factors: Eating times, practicing sports.
Physical factors: Activity of the Moon, the planets and the Sun. Impact of heat and radiation from the Sun and outgoing gases.  
Magnetic Fields: Electromagnetic field, Earth magnetism.
Sex: Transmutations differ in achievement, growth, weight and length for different sex.

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